Aline Thomassen

Exhibition RAW Rembrandt House Museum

Aline Thomassen about her works in the Rembrandt House Museum.

Bonnefantenmuseum, Quarantaine

Thomassen’s Quarantaine project can be seen as a ritual attempt to briefly break free -along with her subject – of the daily expectations and to penetrate the psychological world of the young Moroccan men she portrayed. . . . Full text.

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A ‘visual correspondent’ is how Aline Thomassen described herself during the ‘I travel in your head’ project – and that is what she was for three months in Morocco, sending back a drawing a day over the Internet, together with appropriate fragments of sound provided by musician Lázaro Tejedor. The drawings communicate wat is secret and hidden. The sound fragments, on the other hand, convey public life in Morocco. . . . Full text